Challenges that IT professionals still face during Data migration in Baltimore

data-migrationData migration in Baltimore will happen every once in a while when maintaining or upgrading infrastructure is necessary. But organizations are mostly concerned with the security status of their data during the process of migrating it. In fact, some of them don’t even have confidence in the entire process as far as data security is concerned.

According to a survey that was conducted by C-Level IT executives, 95% of businesses performed data migration every year. However, 65% of businesses were not confident whether their sensitive data would be secure during the process.

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But to help solve some of these problems, experts have recommended a few things before any work can be done. Experts now believe that the following things could be the reason why failures are often witnessed, leading to breach of data security.

Data Migration Baltimore: security breaches could be blamed on the following highlights:

Poor legacy of the data quality

The legacy system houses the data to be transferred. If this system is of poor quality, then it makes it extremely difficult to manage the process no matter how good the professional is. Even though there are certain tools that are quite helpful in the process of migrating data, some inconsistencies will definitely affect the entire process.

Using wrong tools to migrate data

The market is full of data loaders and migrators, and this offers more choices every time they want to migrate their data safely. However, insecurity problems sometimes arise due to the use of poor quality tools for managing the process.

Inability to test and validate the process

People often invoke disaster when they bow down to the temptation of testing and validating the process when it’s complete. This testing must always be done even before the process can begin. Every element of the job must be taken into consideration before work can begin, including security issues.


Basically, the pre-migration stage is only concerned with knowing how data will be migrated and who will do the testing and evaluation.

Lack of proper governance policies

Without proper data governance policies, it becomes difficult to anticipate the next course of action if data breaches occur. These policies basically provide guidance on who is allowed to edit, approve or remove data at any given time. What is more, the business must figure out how to properly manage the life cycle of its data.

Lack of transparency

Most companies love the idea of data warehousing these days. In this process, multiple data systems are consolidated into one unit.

This is not the problem. The problem only sets in when not all people affected by the process are informed. Certain people should just be informed. But others will assume an active role when it comes to managing the process, so it takes more than just keeping them posted.

Data migration in Baltimore remains a crucial activity in the IT industry. The migration process only poses challenges when maintaining availability, integrity and confidentiality is something difficult to fathom. Because there is no sign that slowdown of data growth will ever show up, IT professionals should prepare to take part in more migration and archival projects in the future. This would mean creating time in their already busy schedules to make this a reality.